A brandbook concept for Crumpler

The book is divided into 9 chapters. Each chapter is based on a single company commandment giving it the feel of a modern bible. The stories are completely image-driven and help to communicate a new brand visualisation.

The included product presentation refers the overal slogan:

»Crumpler, your personal shipping company«

The copy, written by ›Barnes, Catmur & Friends‹ was the foundation of the book’s layout :

[…] We’re in the personal shipping business and that’s got nothing to do with sending high priced prostitutes off to Europe. What it does involve is helping you get your daily gear from a to Z, securely and in style. And not the kind of “man purse style” created by gay men wearing turtle necks. The kind of fashionable bags that bike messengers might describe as “legit.” We believe that the bag you carry around is more than an accessory. It’s a extension of your body and a key ingredient to every day functionality. Whether your daily routine includes shipping around a laptop, a DSLR studio, or lots of things in small plastic baggies, we help you get your stuff there and back comfortably and without worry. We will however, not bail you out of jail. Someone already asked.[…]

My responsibilities: Graphic, Concept, Type face, Retouch.


[Crumpler sells highly designed laptop, photo and travel bags, as well as accessories like wallets and belts. for more information visit: www.crumpler.eu. Copyright on all artwork on this page @ Crumpler Europe]

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