Ellehammer Catalogue and Packaging (2011)

The Ellehammer catalogue 2011 was the first image-driven catalogue produced for this brand. The photo shoot in the Danish airport of Billund was directed and shot by Jakob Mark. With the help of these stunning pictures, I was able to create a clean and elegant style for the new brand. I designed this catalogue in line with new product packaging and established a corporate design for Ellehammer.

Luggage catalogue (2012)

The Ellehammer luggage catalogue 2012 was the second catalogue produced for this brand. It introduced 6 new collections and was mainly designed for sales people.

WordPress site and icons

The clean  design of the website should lead the focus to the product. The site is created with WordPress and gives all options of modification to its owner. Part of the assignment was to create graphical icons explaining different functions of different bags.

Development: Marc Lindthout

[ Ellehammer is a registered tradmark of Grown Up Licenses ApS. For more information visit www.ellehammerbags.com or www.gp-licenses.com. Copyright on all artwork on this page @ Grown Up Licenses / Jakob Mark]

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