The journey of one outbreak

Measles is an acute illness caused by morbillivirus. The disease is preventable by a vaccine providing lifelong immunity to most recipients. The first graphic pictures the most recent outbreaks in several European countries giving an indication of the affected age groups . The second infographic visualizes how contagious measles is.

Later on I drafted a story board for an animated version of the infographic. The production was managed by Enrico Possenti and executed by David Enbom. The final video was released early 2015.

The second video is a follow up graphic showing how measles is spreading.  In just one outbreak, 64 people caught measles in eight different regions across Slovenia, Italy and Belgium in less than eight weeks. The outbreak started at an international dog show in Vrtjoba/Šempete, western Slovenia at the beginning of November 2014. Thirty-six people were initially infected (primary cases), who went on to infect nine others (secondary cases), who in turn infected 16 more (tertiary cases).

Source data from Eurosurveillance ( &, and

The animation was also translated to Slovenian.

[ For more information on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control please visit:; Copyright on all artwork on this page @ ECDC]

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