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Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and bugs can be a threat to your health. That is the message of World Health Day 2014, marked on the 7th of April. Dengue and malaria are important mosquito-borne viral diseases, often also referred to as ‘tropical’ diseases. This infographic shows which mosquitoes can carry what disease and explains several outbreak scenarios. Climate change and transport are main drivers for the distribution of vector and disease.

What are emerging/tropical mosquito-borne diseases in Europe? What are the different species of mosquitoes in Europe and the diseases they can carry? Do travel, trade, climate change influence disease distribution?

The full resolution graphics can also be found on the ECDC website.

Infographic on ticks

Ticks themselves do not cause disease but if a tick is infected with a virus or bacterium, then that pathogen can be transmitted through the tick’s bite and cause disease in humans.

The risk of tick-borne infections is reduced by avoiding tick bites and removing ticks from the body. There are effective and safe vaccines against the TBE virus.

What are the different species of ticks in Europe, where are they found and what diseases can they transmit? Why disease transmission can occur in late spring, summer, and even in autumn, what is the ticks‘ life cycle?

The full resolution graphics can also be found on the ECDC website.

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