During my time at ECDC I introduced Infographics as a new output format for visualizing public health data. Alongside my day job I privately did research on several visualization concepts and produced 2 infographics on coffee and the environmental impact of traveling. Currently I am part of the News-Design Team at the Swiss National Television.

Living in Southeast-Asia for 3 years, working in an international environment with team members of 9 different cultural backgrounds has definitely broadened my horizon. 
I gained responsibility for the quality of the global print and packaging production of Crumpler in an newly industrialized market.

I studied in the Netherlands in a multicultural atmosphere and enjoyed teamwork at all positions. I contributed my skills to my team at the advertisement-congress 2011, Berlin, before being honored with the price “best presentation”.

My LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.

2015 – ongoing


Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)
Zürich; Switzerland

Information Designer

SRG SSR television channels hold market shares of 30.3 and 37.9% (2013) in the three main language regions. Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF; English: Swiss Radio and Television) is the number one Swiss broadcasting company.

The SRF internet platform responds to the changing needs and expectations of the audience. SRF.ch is a reliable and credible source of information and a popular platform with high degree of interactivity and entertainment value.

My responsibilities are:

• Designing mobile-first interactive infographics and poster graphics, laying out maps and visualizing data for News-Online (www.srf.ch)
• Creating motion graphics and animated maps for News-OnAir (Tagesschau, 10vor10, Schweiz aktuell) after having liaised with journalists and producers
• Researching data / stories and drafting concepts for visualizations and infographics


2012 – 2015


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
Stockholm; Sweden

Communication Officer / Graphic Designer

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is an Agency of the European Union (EU) aimed at strengthening Europe’s defences against infectious diseases.

By working with experts throughout Europe, ECDC pools Europe’s health knowledge to develop authoritative scientific opinions about the risks posed by current and emerging infectious diseases.

My responsibilities were:

• Developing and laying out infographics for specific disease related topics (print and online)
• Visualizing complex data for public health experts / general public
• E.g. European Antibiotics Awareness Day, World Aids Day, World Tuberculosis Day, etc
• Supporting communication department on acute data visualization requests and conceptual work
• Responsible for laying out EUROSURVEILLANCE, a weekly European journal (web&print)


2010 – 2011


Crumpler Europe
Berlin; Germany

Graphic Designer

Crumpler is a bag company with its headquarters in Berlin and Cologne (Germany). It began as a messenger bag company, but has since expanded its range into laptop bags, camera bags and luggage / travel goods.

My responsibilities were:

• Laying out catalogues, product brochures, magazine-ads, brandbook and trade show material
• Designing and develeoping product packaging, blister cards and hangtags
• Art directing product photography and retouch
• Developing the general picture language
• Organizing and executing stop motion animations and lifestyle-photo-shootings
• Coordinating product campaigns
• Redesigning the website




Berlin; Germany / Brussels; Belgium

Graphic Designer

  • BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN Berlin, Germany (German Green Party) laying out flyers, exhibition backdrops, political publications and campaign material.
  • GROWN-UP Aarhus, Denmark (Product manufacturer, specialised in bags  e.g.: CATERPILLAR-AOP-pattern, LEGO-trade catalogue 2010, ELLEHAMMER-trade-catalogue
  • FU-BERLIN – Institute of Geographical Sciences, Berlin, Germany laying out conference posters as well as charts and graphics for scientific publications

2006 – 2009


Crumpler Vietnam
Ho-Chi-Minh City; Vietnam

Graphic Designer / Photographer

Crumpler is a bag company with its headquarters in Berlin and Cologne (Germany). It began as a messenger bag company, but has since expanded its range into laptop bags, camera bags and luggage / travel goods. Until 2010 Crumplers Design Office was located in Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam.

My responsibilities were:

• Developing templates for sustainability reports, marketing tools and promotion items
• Laying out product brochures, magazine-ads, catalogues and trade show material
• Setting up a photo studio and establishing the required structures between production and studio
• Art directing the product photography, packaging production and online appearance
• Accompanying the product design department in combination with sourcing and designing hardware
• Hired, supervised and coached team members, interns and models


2002 – 2006

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Mixed Media / Conceptual Art

AKI – akademie voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving;
ArtEZ –institute of the Arts;
Enschede; Netherlands

„The AKI is the smallest academy in the Netherlands, established in the 1960s and still dedicated to its founding principles: providing an individualised education with a minimum of structures and control systems and focused, instead, on the human dimension and students‘ and instructors‘ own initiatives. AKI is part of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, but it also greatly values its autonomy as a small academy. Education is created on the work floor.“

My fields of study were:

  • Concept
  • Photography
  • Media and Graphic Design
  • Installation Art
  • Art History